Books that Matter: The Analects of Confucius

- Filled with rich historical context, expert interpretations of larger cultural trends, detailed close readings of key passages, and stories of Confucius and his most notable students and critics, these lectures are required learning for anyone who wants a solid understanding of Eastern philosophy-and the ways a single book can cross cultures and go on to inspire an entire world.

With these 24 accessible lectures, enjoy an adventurous exploration of one of the world's most important philosophical texts. Many of its passages hold the same power as any great Socratic dialogue. Compiled centuries before the birth of Jesus, the Analects of Confucius is anything but dry ancient philosophy.

Books that Matter: The Analects of Confucius - As with all great philosophical experiences, the Analects is a work whose intellectual richness and insight remain with you long after you've read the final passages. So, will these lectures, too, which will help internalize Confucian teachings-and make them work in your own life. As you illuminate your understanding of key passages in the analects, contributed to the millennia-long story of this enduring book-by recording Confucian thought, pillorying it, philosophers, and statesmen who, you'll also meet the students, in their own ways, building on it, critiquing it, and resurrecting it for the modern age.

. Which makes trying to get to the heart of the Analects-and its importance-a challenging and undeniably exciting intellectual pursuit. Among these are remonstrance an idea at the heart of Chinese social and political life and effective rule which, for Confucius, required a grounding in morality and integrity.

After grounding your approach to the analects with a look at what we know and don't know about Confucius' life, and teaching philosophy, career, you'll examine some of the book's most powerful, central themes.

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English Grammar Boot Camp

- This mastery will enable you to use English more competently and confidently in every context. In fact, most of the grammar "rules" you think you know are not really rules at all, which is why there is often debate over common grammar issues. These 24 spirited and accessible lectures offer you a comprehensive core training-a linguistic "boot camp, in their most immediate, " by which we mean a thorough immersion in all of the key elements of English grammar and usage, practical application.

Grammar! for many of us, the word triggers memories of finger- wagging schoolteachers, and of wrestling with the ambiguous and complicated rules of using formal language. The delightful and superbly insightful lectures of English Grammar Boot Camp offer you a unique opportunity to explore the linguistic riches of the English language, usage, and to significantly deepen your mastery of grammar, and style.

English Grammar Boot Camp - In english grammar boot camp, linguist and popular Great Courses professor Anne Curzan of the University of Michigan takes you on
an enjoyable exploration of the essential aspects of English grammar.

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Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle

The Teaching Company - In this intellectually vibrant - yet crystal-clear and accessible - series of 36 lectures, an award-winning teacher provides you with a detailed analysis of the golden age of Athenian philosophy and the philosophical consequences of the philosopher's famed "Socratic Turn": his veering away from philosophy's previous concerns with the scientific study of nature and the physical world and toward the scrutiny of moral opinion.

It is easy to forget, that these questions about fundamental issues like justice, vice, injustice, virtue, however, or happiness were not always eternal. For more than two millennia, philosophers have grappled with life's most profound and "eternal" questions. And the athenian citizen and philosopher who took that courageous step in the 5th century B.

Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle - C. After socrates, philosophy would never be the same. Professor bartlett takes you through Plato's most important dialogues - where Socrates is the protagonist - and shows how they convey the core of Socrates's philosophy. This was a step that could place the inquirer beyond the boundaries of the law. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses.

You learn that much of socrates's philosophy is captured in the writings of his contemporaries and followers, but also figures like Xenophon, including not just Plato and Aristotle, a great thinker and military commander, and the comic playwright Aristophanes. They once had to be asked for the first time.

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What makes evolution such a profoundly provocative concept, so convincing to most scientists, yet so socially and politically divisive? These 12 eye-opening lectures are an examination of the varied elements that so often make this science the object of strong sentiments and heated debate. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses.

The Theory of Evolution: A History of Controversy - Professor larson leads you through the "evolution" of evolution, with an eye toward enhancing your understanding of the development of the theory itself and the roots of the controversies that surround it. Charles darwin's theory of organic evolution - the idea that life on earth is the product of purely natural causes, not the hand of God - set off shock waves that continue to reverberate through Western society, and especially the United States.

You'll examine the history of evolutionary science after Darwin-including the "rediscovery" of Gregor Mendel's work on genetic variation and the discovery of Piltdown Man, a fake evolutionary "missing link, " in 1912. And you'll trace the history of religious objections to evolution, from those of Darwin's own time to contemporary efforts to teach creation science in American schools.

Here, you'll explore pre-darwinian theories of the origins of life, from Genesis and the ancient Greeks to such 18th- and 19th-century scientists as Georges Cuvier.

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The Art of Reading

The Teaching Company - Learning the skills and techniques of artful reading can improve your life in many ways, an aspiring writer, whether you're a fiction reader, a book club member, or a student. You'll learn the definitions and characteristics of terms such as authorship, master plot, and genre. You'll see why holding an initial reading session will acquaint you with the author's writing style and the characters, making the book easy to return to even if you take a few days off.

While some of these nuts-and-bolts concepts may be familiar to you, Professor Spurgin examines them from multiple angles, revealing hidden meanings that can escape even experienced readers. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses. Literary examples show how you can finally approach works that, in the past, might have seemed intimidating - making your future reading experiences both more engaging and more enlightening.

The Art of Reading - And the best part: these skills are not difficult or unwieldy; rather, they are well within your reach. Practical tips and techniques will maximize your effectiveness as an artful reader. Throughout the course, a host of literary "case studies" will refine and elaborate on the concepts of artful reading. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses.

This entertaining, 24-lecture course gives you a veritable toolbox of knowledge and methods to approach even the most daunting reading experience with increased confidence.

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Becoming a Great Essayist

The Great Courses - Becoming a great essayist is an unrivalled opportunity to advance your critical and creative thinking skills, enhance your ability to master a strong and persuasive style, and most importantly, allow you to get to know your own inner voice. Lifetime manufacturer warranty. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses.

. If you have a clever anecdote, or an opinion on a social or political issue, a new way to explain how something works, an interesting memory, then you have an essay in you. While the goal of this course is to provide you with fundamental abilities that will improve your essays, the skills you will learn also provide a foundation to develop any writing project you undertake.

Discover the keys to unlocking your potential in essay writing with Becoming a Great Essayist. Manufacturer's warranty only when purchased from The Great Courses. If you have any concerns with your product, or want to request a replacement, please contact The Great Courses through our Amazon storefront for more information.

She teaches you that the versatility and expressiveness of the essay make it an ideal medium for crafting stories and drawing perspectives out of even the most reluctant writers. Your satisfaction is important to us, warps, and we at the great courses offer a lifetime replacement warranty to purchasers of our products from The Great Courses on Amazon - if a DVD or CD disc ever breaks, or gets damaged, we will replace it free of charge.

Becoming a Great Essayist - Professor cognard-black-who is an award-winning author, and a former student of the renowned author Jane Smiley-has an intimate, honest, a 2012 Fulbright Scholar, and direct approach. These 24 illuminating lectures explore numerous genres or types of essays, challenge you with stimulating writing prompts, compelling, and provide insights into how to get to know yourself like never before so that you can write honest, and GREAT essays that people will read.

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